The Mitzvah Mechanism

The Mitzvah Mechanism was identified by M. Cohen-Nehemia.

The Mitzvah Mechanism is the foundation of all our physical activities. It is the upward rippling corrective mechanism of the neuromuscular and skeletal systems.

The Mitzvah Mechanism is the name given to the interplay of physical forces acting between the pelvis and the spine. This interplay ripples the spine with every move and step we take to reinforce the body’s balance with gravity.

The dynamic relationship of the Mitzvah Mechanism involves the pelvis, spine and head in an upward rippling motion culminating in the head springing upward and rebalancing freely on top of the spine. This stimulates the spine to lengthen, exercising the body completely realigning and rebalancing the entire neuromusculature and skeletal systems while releasing tension and stress.

The application of the Mitzvah Mechanism during daily activities is the basis of the Mitzvah Technique.

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