SMTTC General Information

The Mitzvah Technique is a gentle discipline developed by M. Cohen-Nehemia. It deals with the structural alignment of the body and its postural and spinal balances and motion.

The Mitzvah Technique is a postural reeducational method that is based on the activation of our inherent Mitzvah Mechanism and efficient use of body mechanics. It involves practical chair, stool, barre and wall exercises. The gently powerful Mitzvah Technique hands on table and chair work  is designed to undo tension and encourage the activation of the Mitzvah Mechanism during the exercises and interconnected application to daily usage. The activation of the Mitzvah Mechanism is what brings the changes and improvements  to postural body usage. Pausing, minimal repetitions and efficient body mechanics all encourage the activation of the Mitzvah Mechanism.

The Society of Mitzvah Technique Teachers of Canada represents and supports the Mitzvah Technique as developed by M. Cohen-Nehemia. Initiated by M. Cohen-Nehemia, the SMTTC was established in 1993.

The SMTTC requires confidentiality, honesty and professionalism from its members.

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